Scaffolding Company in Richmond | The Biggest Dangers on Construction Sites

Work at height causes up to 35 fatalities in the UK every year and contributes to 28% of all accidents. Not all workplaces in Richmond can utilise scaffolding hire services but those that can, definitely should. Our scaffolding company knows work at height presents different dangers to your workforce. Falls could easily lead to a major injury or a fatality. It makes sense to build a good relationship with our local scaffolders.


Scaffolding erectors assess onsite risks and provide your own personnel with toolbox talks on how to use our structures safely. Located in Ashford, safety is at the core of all scaffolding hire services offered in Richmond. Indeed, it is at the very heartbeat of our family-run scaffolding company.


This page looks at some of the most common reasons for compromises in safety. It also explains how our local scaffolders can help to make your own operations safer.

Platform Stability


Always provide a stable platform for any personnel working at height. The best way to do this is through scaffolding hire services very much like our own. As long as the platform at your Richmond site undergoes a weekly inspection and your contractors use it as instructed, you should benefit from an accident-free workplace, and from having happier employees.


Our scaffolding company advises against standing on roofs under repair. These are often fragile and there is a risk of falling through them. Opt for temporary roofing instead.


Bad Weather


The scaffolding erectors at AFL can’t control the weather, but they set a great example by never using structures made slippery by rain or ice, or unstable by high winds. Be careful of extremely hot weather too. An employee with heatstroke could feel dizzy and may collapse, causing them to fall from height. We advise that you adjust to daily weather conditions.


Our local scaffolders also suggest that you give contractors regular breaks during warm weather to hydrate properly.


Restricting the Height of Falls


It makes sense that the shorter the distance of the fall, the less likely there is to be a major injury. We can supply fall arrest equipment as part of our scaffolding hire service. This means employees at your Richmond site can reduce their chances of having an accident. Fall arrest equipment consists of a belt and a lanyard, attached to safety points on a scaffold.


You may see scaffolding erectors using fall arrest equipment when assembling larger structures in the Richmond area.


Falling Objects


Anybody working at height puts people passing underneath them at risk, no matter how unintentionally. Our scaffolding company can supply netting to frame the sides of our structures. This stops tools and materials from slipping off the platform onto those working below, or onto members of the general public who may have to pass by the scaffold on foot.


Our local scaffolders advise that you always load or unload tools onto, or from the platform, using hoists or bin shoots.


Top Safety Tips for Working at Height


If you stick to the following advice from our scaffolding company, you can make your Richmond workplace safer for all. It’s important to promote a culture of onsite safety from the outset, and to only use scaffolding erectors with the same outlook. At AFL Scaffolding, we put your safety first because we see you as the most important person in our business.


Nothing comes before your personal care and wellbeing.


  • Make sure you use railings correctly and wear the fall arrest equipment supplied by our local scaffolders.
  • Check equipment daily and after use for damage. A worn belt or harness could prove fatal if somebody falls.
  • Always use the correct scaffolding hire equipment, including ladders, crawl boards, hoists, lifts and rails.
  • If you have to use a ladder when working at height, remember to keep at least one hand or three limbs on it
  • Make sure safety signs are in place at your Richmond site and that they are visible to personnel at all times.
  • Never climb scaffolds, or attempt to work on one, without the correct training or without having a toolbox talk.
  • Leave the scaffold immediately if you see damaged or missing components, or if you see evidence of tampering.


For domestic and commercial scaffolding services where safety comes as standard, choose the team at AFL Scaffolding Ltd.

Call 07951 806887 to talk to a representative from our scaffolding company. Based in Ashford, we cover Richmond and all locations in the Home Counties.

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