Scaffolding Hire in Kingston | Bigger Benefits for Local Businesses

Do you have an upcoming project in the Kingston area where you’ll need the services of our scaffolding erectors? Do you need a scaffolding company you can genuinely trust? Would you prefer to use local scaffolders who know your needs better than a much bigger company? Do you know which scaffolding hire services you need, and would some friendly advice help you?


At AFL Scaffolding Ltd, we take all of these questions into account, and more, to bring you tailored scaffolding hire of a superior standard. Based in Ashford, we have strong connections in Kingston and a great local reputation to match.


Our local scaffolders are all competent persons with CISRS cards and 20+ years of combined experience. We’re the scaffolding company that has become integral to construction projects across the Home Counties. A scaffold is a short-term tower or structure, assembled by scaffolding erectors, which can provide homeowners, contractors and tradesmen with access to different parts of a building when working at height.


Stable working platforms make operations safer for anybody who uses a tower or an independent scaffolding structure.

Here, we look at some of the many unique benefits to using our scaffolding hire services:


Increased Site Safety


Scaffolding provides a safer working environment for your own workforce. The structure itself undergoes design through engineers, and construction by some of the best trained local scaffolders to cover Kingston. We calculate safe working capacities based on the number of people on the job, their tools and materials and, of course, the intended uses.


Work at height is always dangerous. Scaffolding hire grants safer access with fewer risks of slipping or falling.


Better Job Positioning


Our scaffolding company can help your contractors to access all parts of a Kingston property, even those in the most hard-to-reach areas. Ladders rarely give the stability of a scaffold and do not provide a safe, comfortable or stable platform for your employees. This often hampers progress and can even stop them from doing their assigned jobs correctly.


The scaffolding erectors at AFL can build fixed structures or mobile towers to make onsite operations easier for all.


Quality Components


Some builders have old items of scaffolding lying about but we strongly advise that contractors only use platforms supplied to the job as part of a professional scaffolding hire service. A safe scaffold uses the correct poles and tubes, extensions, ties, ledgers and transoms. To use anything else compromises site safety and could see your own business face prosecution.


Local scaffolders play an important role in safety. You should use their completed structures, only, at Kingston sites.


Experienced Scaffolding Erectors


When you use the qualified, time-served erectors from our popular scaffolding company, you do so in the knowledge that you’ll have the trade’s most experienced personnel onsite. We have many years of collective know-how, and we supply you with our scaffolding hire services from a position of strength. We can develop a structure that’s perfectly suited to the job.


There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Our towers are every bit as unique as our many Kingston clients.


Speed of Service


Our local scaffolders know that their own approach to the job can have an impact on your work operations. While we never rush the job, we are sensitive to time and always build our structures inside a reasonable timeframe. Safety always comes first with our scaffolding hire services but completing the build with the minimum of disruption comes a close second.


This is just another reason to consider our scaffolding erectors for jobs in Kingston, and in its surrounding areas.

Call 07951 806887 to talk to a representative from our scaffolding company. Based in Ashford, we cover Kingston and all locations in the Home Counties.

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