Scaffolding Hire in Camberley | The Important Factor of Site Safety

A competent scaffolding company considers three different things when it comes to safety; using competent scaffolding erectors to build the tower, training users how to use the tower correctly, and checking and tagging the tower to deem it safe for use. Construction companies use scaffolding hire services on a regular basis, so it makes perfect sense they would only want to use a company with a great safety record.


AFL Scaffolding Ltd is a team of local scaffolders with a considerate approach to both user and public safety.


Based in Ashford, our scaffolding company consists of trained, competent and qualified persons who understand the most important aspects of site safety. All scaffolding erectors on our team undergo initial and ongoing training, and they have CISRS cards to make them approved for commercial work.


Because we trade as local scaffolders and work as a family-run business, we build close relationships with our Camberley clients. Nothing matters more to us than your safety. This is why we perform risk assessments, and supply method statements, ahead of providing you with any scaffolding hire services.


Safety is so important to us because it is you, our client, who is the most important person in our business.

Assigning a Competent Person


AFL Scaffolding always supplies competent persons to survey sites, to perform risk assessments, and to help you decide on the best type of structure for the job. Competent scaffolding erectors can identify present and potential hazards, and they have the skills needed to take preventative measures and manage risk for the protection of end users and the public.


The personnel at our scaffolding company have shown competency in their work and carry the appropriate cards.


Here are just a few of the many considerations our local scaffolders factor into their work. Should you need a scaffolding hire service for an upcoming project in the Camberley area, call AFL Scaffolding on 07951 806887.


  • A competent person from the scaffolding company should complete a safety checklist immediately after construction to ensure the tower is safe to use.
  • Users in Camberley should have training in the safe use of our towers and, where needed, they should sit through a toolbox talk with our local scaffolders.
  • Scaffolding erectors must wear PPE at all times and make sure contractors do the same. They should also make sure the tower has the correct inspection tags.
  • It is the responsibility of the scaffolding company to calculate the safe weight capacity and to provide handholds above the scaffold platform.
  • If relocating a tower as part of a scaffolding hire service, the company must level the construction after each move using the adjusting screw legs.
  • Our local scaffolders, and tradespeople, should always wear safety belts and lanyards, secured to the tower, when working at heights of over 10 feet.
  • Tower users in the Camberley area should always use ladders when climbing the cross braces and keep their feet on the decking at all other times.
  • Scaffolding erectors and tradespeople should keep off the tower during loading and unloading. They should be mindful of other contractors at all times.
  • Our scaffolding company advises that you use chutes or hoists to lower things to the ground and use safety netting to prevent the risk of falling tools.
  • When using a mobile tower on projects in Camberley, lock the wheels by depressing the fitted foot lever and always chock the structure using wheel blocks.


Our local scaffolders return to site weekly, or after periods of adverse weather, to check the integrity of scaffolding and to make sure the appropriate safety tags are in place.

Some Important Considerations for Scaffolding Users



We can arrange for our scaffolding erectors, or for a trained, qualified and competent person, to provide tradespeople at your Camberley site with a toolbox talk. This is a short talk on the safe use of towers and scaffolding hire equipment. Our company wants you to be safe when working onsite, and never wants your own actions to jeopardise public safety either.


Our local scaffolders advise that you:


  • Never leave tools on the tower after a shift, overload the structure or use unstable objects, such as boxes or loose bricks, to increase your working height.
  • Never work on a platform with no planks, guardrails, ties or extensions. Exit the scaffold immediately if you see missing components or evidence of tampering.
  • Never use equipment supplied by our scaffolding company in adverse weather. Do not climb in areas not meant for climbing, or with tools or materials in hand.
  • Never jump between scaffolds, reach outside of the guardrails or throw anything overboard. Do not rock the tower, or move it, while in use by another person.


Scaffolding hire is a serious business. If you have a project in Camberley where your contractors will work at height, always use competent scaffolding erectors and professional scaffolding hire services. Your life, and the lives of the personnel you employ, lay firmly with your personal decision.


We’re the local scaffolders with a strong outlook on modern scaffolding safety and we have a competent team that shares many years of combined trade and industry experience.

Call AFL Scaffolding on 07951 806887. Our scaffolding company offers a complete hire service in the Camberley area.

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